Pre-made Tray Order Terms & Conditions

1.Order Processing and Confirmation:

  • We require both a 50% deposit and written confirmation to proceed with your order. Confirmation can be provided through direct email response or a signed paper copy delivered to our office.
  • Please note that due to industry standards, all manufacturing processes have a tolerance of +/-5mm.

2.Payment and Dispatch:

  • Goods will only be dispatched upon full payment of the purchase price. Specific arrangements can be made at the time of order or if the customer holds an approved wholesale account.

3.Order Cancellation and Custom Components:

  • Orders with custom components that are cancelled will have admin, design, and associated costs deducted from the refunded deposit.
  • Depending on the progress of design and production, you may be liable for the full deposit or an additional charge.

4.Amendments and Changes:

  • Any amendments or changes to specifications must be communicated within three business days of submitting the order form. Changes requested after this period may cause processing delays.

5.Build Time Estimations and COVID-19 Considerations:

  • Due to uncertainties related to COVID-19, build times are estimations. Time-sensitive production incurs additional costs and is subject to special arrangement.

6.Client Responsibilities and Freight Costs:

  • Clients must ensure accurate contact information and are responsible for picking up ordered items after receiving notice of readiness.
  • Urgent orders will incur a 50-90% surcharge and additional freight costs.

7.Ownership and Product Finalization:

  • Ownership of purchased products transfers to the client upon full payment. Items can be stored temporarily, but timely pickup is necessary.

8.Abandoned Goods:

  • Goods not picked up within one month of notice may incur storage charges. If storage fees equal the deposit, items will be considered abandoned and subject to resale.

9.Customer Privacy and Confidentiality:

  • MW will not disclose private customer information without consent, adhering to relevant legislation. Survey data will solely be used to enhance customer service.

10.Returns Policy for Custom Products:

  • Standard return policies do not apply to custom products made according to design specifications.

11.Return Considerations:

  • Returns due to a change of mind are generally not accepted.

12.Return Approval and Charges:

  • Returns at our discretion may incur a re-stocking fee of up to 25% to cover costs.
  • If a return is approved, goods must be returned unused and in the same condition as sold.

13.Legal Vehicle Modifications:

  • Pre-madeitems are designed to fit legally modified vehicles. MW Manufacturing QLD is not responsible for issues arising from illegal modifications. Proper documentation should be provided before starting the build.

14.Tub Removal Responsibility:

  • During tub/tray removal jobs, MW Manufacturing QLD will not assume responsibility for very minor cosmetic imperfections or minor scratches that may be inevitable while removing components essential for the job’s completion. Clients should be aware of this condition and take necessary precautions.
  • Unless explicitly informed otherwise, MW Manufacturing QLD will assume that the existing tub/tray will be disposed of once the removal job is completed.
  • Customers are responsible for notifying us if they wish to retain their existing tub/tray after removal.
  • If customers choose to keep their existing tub/tray, they must arrange to collect it within three business days following the delivery date of the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in its disposal by MW Manufacturing QLD.

15.Vehicle Inspection and Responsibility:

  • MW Manufacturing QLD assumes responsibility solely for the products it manufactures and installs. We do not accept responsibility for any pre-existing issues or conditions of your vehicle.
  • Prior to commencing any installation or work, we will conduct an initial inspection of the vehicle upon delivery. Any existing issues or concerns identified during this inspection will be communicated to you.
  • Both parties must mutually agree on the existing issues found before we proceed with the installation process. This agreement ensures clarity and acknowledges the condition of the vehicle at the start of our work.
  • Warranty information can be found at:

16.Product Maintenance Responsibility:

  • The user/owner of the product is solely responsible for the proper maintenance of the product, which includes, but is not limited to, maintaining fasteners and associated components.
  • Maintenance Period for the product should align with the vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Failure to conduct basic maintenance can result in issues with the product and may void warranty coverage.

17.Warranty Information and Unauthorized Modifications:

  • Customers are encouraged to review our warranty regulations available at
  • Please be aware that any unauthorized modifications made by a third party to the product will result in immediate voidance of the warranty.

18.Relocation of Electronic Components:

  • MW Manufacturing QLD exclusively undertakes relocation jobs for reverse cameras, sensors, and blind spot sensors.
  • If these electronic components are functional at the time of vehicle delivery to the customer, they will be considered free of issues.
  • MW Manufacturing QLD will not assume responsibility for any further issues related to these electronic components once the vehicle has been delivered.

19.Vehicle Electrical System Modification:

  • Modifications to the vehicle electrical system after installation by MW, including the addition of spotlights, changing bullbars, etc., may result in damage to the existing setup or tail lights installed by MW.
  • MW Manufacturing QLD will not assume any responsibility for damages incurred due to such modifications.

20.Product Modification and Warranty Voidance:

  • Any modification to MW products without explicit approval from MW will immediately void the warranty.
  • Customers are advised to seek authorization before making any alterations or additions to MW-manufactured products to ensure continued warranty coverage.

21.Unpainted Raw Finish Products:

  • Unpainted raw finish products may exhibit marks and scratches on some areas as a normal result of the manufacturing process.
  • Such imperfections are considered standard for unpainted products and will not be covered under warranty.
  • MW Manufacturing QLD strongly recommends powder coating or painting for an enhanced finish and increased durability.

22.Inspection Responsibility upon Pickup:

  • Upon picking up goods/vehicles, it is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect the goods/vehicle before leaving the premises.
  • If someone picks up the goods/vehicle on behalf of the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that person conducts a full inspection before leaving.
  • MW Manufacturing QLD will not assume responsibility for any issues caused by human error or negligence.
  • Warranty issues remain covered under the terms outlined in our warranty policy.