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Standard tray and canopies are the best value for money options amongst all, yet you receive quality and heavy duty builds that will last.

Custom canopy combined with stock tray simply allows you to customise your canopy for your specific work or play requirement.

Custom tray and custom canopy combo allows you to customise both your tray and canopy in your own way to best suit your needs. It stands out from the crowd for its best design, presentation and practicability.

It really depends on the purpose of your setup. A good starting point is to figure out what is the most essential item to put in your canopy, such as a fridge, a drawer, kitchen or your tool bag. If tray space at rear is not a necessity for your work and play needs, most customers will choose a full size canopy for maximum storage capacity.

Thanks to our industry leading reinforcing method and welding techniques, roof of our canopies can carry 250KGs when vehicle is in motion, and much more when vehicle is stationary.

Our stock standard tray and canopy combo weighs from 250KGs Our custom made tray and canopy combo weighs from 350KGs. Additional accessories such as underbody boxes, underbody drawer, water tank are extra weight.

Stock standard tray and canopy combo is generally readily available if not, would be a few weeks wait.

Custom tray and canopy combo are custom made to order. Lead time of production varies based on complexity of build and season of the year. 6-8 weeks for common builds and can be longer if internal fit-outs and electrical systems are involved.